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Tumblers Club

The CH's Tumblers Club is now in its unpteenth season — the club dedicated to exposing the shameful errors made by those that should know better, and the occasional piece of jolly bad luck. A network of spotters will be on hand on hunting days to provide comprehensive reports for publication and further shame, and fallers will be magically cured of bruises by a donation of £5 to the Tumblers Fund. Muddy wet £fivers on a Tuesday will be held as evidence that someone has yet again been swimming in Little Dalby Lakes — for which an additional fee is payable. If you expect to be comatose for any length of time please have your wallet ready beforehand. Feigning unconsciousness to avoid payment will not fool our experienced spotters; you have been warned.
Our spotters are secretive, furtive and open to bribery (double the tumble fee - to CH funds) if you wish your ignominy to be ignored.
If you wish to file a report direct to the Tumblers Club Committee, please go to the Contact page and email it to Tumblers. Fallers should either pay cash to the Secretary/spotter or pay by bank transfer with their name as a reference: for bank details please email Tumblers Club as above.

The Tumblers Committee would also be grateful to receive pictures of the actual event or aftermath for publication.