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2018 - 19


Anyone paying a full subscription
is deemed to be an Annual Member of the Hunt


Full Subscription

Golden ticket:any Tuesday/Thursday/ Saturday 
Tuesday only 
Thursday only 
Saturday only
  * if paid by 1st July
Pony Club Saturdays and school holidays on any day
11 - 15 years
£275 or £25 per day
15 - 18 years
£375 or £45 per day
18 - 25 years 50% discount on subscriptions, packages and day rates
25 - 30 years 20% discount
under 11 years + chaperone
Discounts - one only to apply (these do NOT apply to Point to Point subscriptions, Pony Club or Day Tickets)
Married couple or civil partners  

Day packages (do not include Autumn Hunting)

7 Any day tickets
7 Thursday tickets
7 Saturday tickets 

Non-hunting membership

We welcome those who wish to become non-mounted members of the hunt.
Non-hunting member package inclusive of hound sponsorship

Caps / visitor rates

Please contact the Secretary

Autumn Hunting

Non–members - Lincs
Non-members - Leics
After October 1st caps will be collected at hunting rate 

Point to Point 

Please contact the Secretary 

Subscription Rules

Payments Date: Subscriptions are due and payable in full on the 1st September. Please make cheques payable to 'The Cottesmore Hunt' and send them with completed subscription forms to the Secretary (whose address can be found on the Contact page). Anyone wishing to pay by FPS/BACS bank transfer or standing order should also contact the Secretary who will provide details.
Farmers: Hunting farmers should become members of the Hunt. They may hunt free within their own area but will be expected to pay a members' cap if they hunt outside their own area
Hunting Days: Subscribers may hunt on any day for which they have paid the relevant subscription. Those who have subscribed to a package must give the ticket relating to the day to the Secretary at the meet. 
Grooms: who hunt are expected to subscribe. 
Gate shutting: Subscribers are expected to gate shut one day per season. A day will be allocated and if they are unable to fulfil this responsibility they must find their own replacement and notify the Secretary. Please report any breakages to the Master of the day or the Secretary even if you are not gate shutting. 
Broken gates: Broken gates will be charged at £250
Other memberships: All Members of the Cottesmore Hunt must be members of the Countryside Alliance and the Cottesmore Hunt Supporters Club