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Supporters' Club - Introduction

The Cottesmore Hunt Supporters' Club (“CHSC”) was formed in 1972 at the instigation of the Hunt Committee by Captain Simon Clarke (amateur huntsman 1969-76) and with Di Hellyer of Braunston as its first Chairman. Jeanne Dungworth of Toft took over as Chairman in February 1976 and steered the club with a characteristically firm hand through five Club Presidents and numerous Masters and Hunt Chairmen until relinquishing the role in 2001 on her elevation to President in succession to Noel Pegge. Mary Anne Donovan of Somerby took over as Chairman until 2006 when she, in turn, handed over to Christine Hawksfield of Seaton. Christine stepped down in 2010 and handed over to Max Stewart of Whissendine as caretaker Chairman. Max handed over to Monica Tebbutt-Wheat of Loddington the same year.
Monica retired in 2013 and Joanne (Jo) Rutter of Launde was elected. She in turn stepped down in 2017 and Louise Keeley took over for a year. Russell Cripps then took over as Chairman.
The Club is run by a Committee consisting of the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary together with not less than eight or more than twelve members of whom not less than one quarter retires annually. The Chairman of the Club is elected by the Committee and holds office for up to five years. The Treasurer and Secretary of the Club are elected by the Committee and may remain in office indefinitely. The Committee can co-opt not more than four members annually to serve as additional members of the Committee.
Club members pay either an annual or life subscription and this entitles them to copies of the CHSC Foot Slogger magazine which is published twice a year and to participate in Club events.
Subscription rates are:
The Club's Constitution was last revised in 2007.