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Miscellaneous online payment

To make an online payment (other than a cap, subscription payment or payment for a book of day-tickets) to the CH, you can use: To pay by bank transfer, please contact the Hunt Secretary via the Contact page who will let you have bank account details and a payment reference to use.

To pay by cash or cheque — by post or in person — again please contact the Hunt Secretary.

CH Online payment

You can pay here using a credit card, debit card or PayPal by: You will be presented with an invitation to either log in to a PayPal account or (if you wish to pay by credit or debit card) 'Check Out as a Guest'

If you are paying for places or tickets for more than one person (for the same event or item), please enter the total amount due, but please do not try to pay for more than one event or item (e.g. "Hunt Ride 23rd August and 2 x Hunt Ball tickets") in one transaction,

You will be presented with confirmation of your payment amount and asked to provide some further information.
When your payment is complete, the system will immediately email you a receipt, and this is copied to the Secretary.

Other payment 

I accept
(e.g. 25.00)
NB omit £ sign
Short description
(e.g. John and Jane Doe)

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